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Ngā Here Mātauranga

Ngā Here Mātauranga provides an innovative digital space for the New Zealand universities to collaborate, innovate and connect.


It is also home to our 'Global Indigenous Network' a space where indigneous academics and communities can participate in forums and have access to a variety of resources across a range of topics including; indigenous language revitalisation, indigenous development and education.


Academic Quality Agency

AQA provides external academic quality assurance for all New Zealand universities via a regular cycle of audits.


It also supports quality enhancement activities that assist universities to improve student engagement, academic experience and learning outcomes.


AKO Aotearoa

Ako Aotearoa is a government-funded organisation committed to supporting the country’s tertiary sector teachers, trainers and educators be the best they can be for the learners' success.



The Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association's vision is to promote, advocate and advance high quality evaluation to shape better futures in Aotearoa New Zealand

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